Action vs Advertising

I just started a new book last night, and I am loving it already.  I knew it was going to be good when I was already underlining in the Foreword!   I have started Killing Cockroaches by Tony Morgan.  I made it all the way to page 7 when I had to stop and think about this one for a little bit…  This was too good not to share!

“Action speak louder than advertising”

WOW!  That is spot on.  We need to be defined by who we are and how we serve those outside of the church rather than the image of our building or who the current hot shot pastor is in town.

James 2:15-17  “Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food.  If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?  In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accomplished by action, is dead.”

Morgan writes, “You can’t buy the media coverage you’ll receive if you remain faithful to God’s design for the church and stay active in people’s lives by addressing their physical and emotional needs.”

I think that this is right on the money…  What do you think?



The Five Podcast

If you were unable to be at the Five Sunday night the podcast is up and ready for you to check out.  Head over there and give a listen and then join in the conversation right below this!  Keep checking in…  


Continue the conversation…


Last night we continued in our series “Foundations”.  We are looking at what God intended the church to be.  We have looked at several topics including money, worship, and last night we continued and looked at the topic of service.  Last week we introduced the idea of texting questions during the sermon with the idea of continuing the conversation…  So here we are.  Week two of continuing the conversation.  

Check out the video below.  

So as promised, here are some of the questions that we received at the five last night.  

What is the mark you think you are leaving?  Is it the mark that you want to leave?

 In order to answer this question you should look at the lives of the people around you…  How are you affecting/impacting them?  Are you building into others lives in a positive way?  I suppose that those are the questions you should ask yourself and then based upon your answers, go ahead and figure out if it is the mark that you were desiring to leave!  

Every person will be leaving different marks than the other.  God has made each one of us unique and so we will naturally be affecting the lives of people in uniquely different ways.  Do not feel like you need to compare yourself to someone else.  

Do you think the Lord already knows what mark we will leave and if so are we capable of changing that?  

I love this question!  Thanks for asking it.  Yes, I believe that God knows what mark we will leave.  I believe that God is sovereign and omniscient.  SO, yes, I believe that God knows everything about our life and the decisions that we will make.  

I believe that God knows the potential that each one of us has.  What we do with our potential is up to us.  God has given us free will and that means that we can choose what we are going to do, or what we will not do.  So, yes, we have the ability to change the marks that we are making.  If you are unhappy with the ones you are making right now, step it up…  You can change.  God has given you some incredible potential.  

I’m really excited by these questions!  Keep them coming!