Follow Friday

#followfridayOkay, let’s do a little community development.  Who are you guys listening to and being impacted by out there in the blogging world, twittersphere or in podcast-land?  Let’s do each other a favor and leave a comment about your favorite blog to be reading, person to follow, helpful/fun podcast you’re listening to, or book you are reading.

I’ll go first…

Here is a quick list of some of my favorites:

Blog:  This is Pete Wilson’s blog.  Pete is the lead pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville TN.  I love the way that this dude communicates, and writes.  I also love the way that he parents his kids and loves his wife.  Check out his blog.

Pete Wilson

Twitter: J.R. Briggs–  J.R. is a friend of mine, he’s a church planter, author, thinker, question-asker, and an all around godly dude.  He’s a Phillies phan, but I think you can get over that.  He asks some great questions that make you go: Hmm…  Follow him.

Church Planter

Podcast: Stuff You Should Know–  This is a fun little podcast.  These guys Chuck and Josh explain all kinds of things and how they work.  I particularly liked their podcast on cicada’s and my second favorite was their podcast on coffins.  Check it out.


Book: Hazardous: This is an awesome book on the cost of discipleship.  I have read it through once and now I want to go back and read it again!  It’s that good.  Read it.

Derek Cooper

Now, I want to hear your recommendations.  You don’t have to have answers to all four categories, or maybe you have one that I haven’t posted about yet.  Let’s hear them!



Plan B

I am certainly behind the eight ball on this one.  I have neglected to share with you about an awesome resource and a very powerful book that has recently come out.  This is none other than the book by Pastor/Author Pete Wilson.  If you or a friend are going through difficult painful times I would highly recommend you purchase this book for yourself or as a gift.  Even if everything is going great, I would recommend that you get a copy of this book and read it!  There is a ton of great stuff in this book to think about.

In this book Pete gets to the heart of some of the deepest most painful situations that life can throw at you.  He is pointing anyone who is going through difficulties to “the God who keeps his promises.  The God who is with us every moment and is in the process of working all things for good.”  Pete promises no answers for these difficulties yet offers some great thoughts to think about while in those difficulties.

Pete writes, “I’ve wanted to usher people down a path of sudden and painless spiritual transformation when in truth there is no such path.”

I highly recommend this book.  Check it out.

What are you reading that I must?  Have you read this yet?


I guess you really did it this time

I love music.  I enjoy making music, listening to music, and finding new music.  I happened to catch a portion of MTV’s Video Music Awards two weeks ago (the VMA’s).  I have been on the fence about a particular artist until recently.  I’m talking about none other than Taylor Swift.  It sealed the deal for me when several weeks ago now she included one of my favorite pastors, Pete Wilson and his family in her most recent video.  Check that story out here.

I happened to be watching during Taylor Swift’s performance.  It was unreal.  She did an incredible job.  The message she was sending was huge!  Since MTV has taken all of the video’s down from youtube all I have is the audio from her performance.  Listen to this song.

Regardless of you know what happened in 2009 during the VMA’s or not(Kanye West!), this song still speaks profoundly.

Some of us feel like Taylor is singing about our lives.  Maybe you’ve lost your balance on a tightrope.  Maybe you’ve blown your relationships with everyone around you.  Maybe you’ve cursed your family out and left them behind without a care.  Maybe you’ve gotten yourself  chemically dependent on some thing or another.  Perhaps you’ve given parts your sexuality away to people it was never intended for.  Guilt can set in and just about wreck a person and cause them to feel worthless and alone.

Jesus knows about this and took care of this problem.  See the reality is that every single one of us has ‘blown it and left ourselves in the warpath.’  We’ve all ‘lost our balance on the tightrope’ of life.  Jesus died on a cross, was buried as every other dead man is, and unlike every other dead man He rose from the dead!(1 Corinthians 15:1-4)  Because of that one action you and I have a hand back up on the tight rope.  We have been picked up out of the warpath and placed in safety.  Forgiveness is here for you.  Hope is here for you.  Restoration is here for you.  True life is here for you.

I watched as a young woman in the spotlight demonstrated forgiveness on national television.  I listened to a musical narrative that made me immediately think of the one who is in the business of forgiveness; Jesus Christ.



One of my favorite Pastors/bloggers/dads/all around cool guy, Pete Wilson, is over in India on a blogging trip with Compassion International.  It has been really neat to follow what is going on with them there through Twitter as well as his posts over at his blog.  Here’s the deal though… I’ve been thinking about this one all week.  I wanted to post it earlier, but I didn’t collect my thoughts early enough…  

SO, here is a shameless plug for Compassion International Sponsorship:  Get over here and sponsor a child!  It will change lives, not only the kid’s life who you sponsor but it will change your life too!  Tiffany and I sponsor a child in Africa, and we are really thrilled to think that somewhere in this world we are helping to take care of another family!  Check out this video Pete took while in India…  Incredible!  Go over to his blog and spend some time reading what he is experiencing there…

James 1:27  “Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.”

I know right now that if you are reading this, by very nature of the fact that you have a computer, you are blessed!  Some of you are are reading this on your mobile phone…  we are blessed!  Let’s share what God has given us.  Consider jumping over here and sponsoring a child.   


Dream Job

Okay, so go here… and watch the video called “dream job week 4”.  Then click back over here…  Go ahead, do it now…  I’ll be waiting here for your return.  



I was with a good buddy this morning, and we were talking about God’s will and God’s direction for his life.  Immediately I thought of this video.  This is such a cool story.  Isn’t it?  It made me think.  What do you think?