What we can learn from Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’

I can’t help but enjoy this song with it’s driving beat and catchy lyrics.  Plus it helps that it’s on iTunes radio all the time!  After having heard it multiple times, I went online to check out the music video.  I found that this video is a beautiful picture of what the Church should be like.

Here’s 3 things we can learn from Avicii and his song Wake Me Up:

1. Come:

Judgement is a relationship killer.  That is one of the fastest ways to make other people feel uncomfortable.  So, if your goal is to push people away, and keep people from coming to your church, work hard at judging them.  People are longing for a place to fit in and be welcomed.  That is where the Church comes in.  The Church should be the place where everyone no matter who they are, or what they’ve done should be accepted and loved.  I love how in the video the woman rides her horse up onto the bridge and looks out over the modern city with a twinkle in her eye as if to say, “Ah… I think I have found home.”  That’s what it should be like for people who walk into our churches for the first time on a Sunday morning.  Make it so that they are not afraid to come in to your church.  Do whatever it takes to break down that barrier.

2. Connect:

People don’t stay in a place because they have cool lighting and an awesome sound system.  People find themselves getting rooted in an environment because of their connection with other people.  I love the scene where they pile into the back of the truck as they head off.  There is something about the smiles and laughter of the few people together.  They have a relationship there that is looking to meet the needs of this confused and searching traveler.  They bring her right in, invite her to do whatever it is that they were already doing, and head off into the sunset together.  How are you at connecting people with your small group of friends?  That’s the power of relationships- connection.

3. Contribute:

Being a part of something, feels way better than watching something.  (Unless it’s an MMA fight)  When you get involved in an organization, church, or any other club your level of buy in goes way up!  People feel a sense of ownership when they move from sitting on the sidelines to being an active participant.  In this video, you see a whole sea of people who are actively engaged in what is happening on stage.  There are not rows of velvet chairs neatly lined up as if you are in a movie theater observing something.  No, these people are participating in the show, they are as much a part of the experience as the lights and sound waves booming from the stage.  How are you at helping people get plugged in to be apart of your churches service projects, or serving teams?  It’s vital!

Why do all this?  Why go to the trouble of helping people through this three step process?  Because you’ll find that there are people who will echo exactly what the woman said at the end of the video:

Get up!  Pack your things…

Where are we going?

Somewhere we belong…

I love hearing people say, AH… I’ve finally found my church home.  Every person has a story, and every story matters to God!  Let’s work hard to help people find home.



careful what you wish for…

It’s been a while… I’ve been praying for a while. I have been praying that God would use me and make me into a man of integrity, give me wisdom, and patience. I’m serious. I want nothing more than to be a man of God who has integrity.

I have to admit something to you. The last week or so haven’t been the easiest. Part of why I blog is to share my life with you. To share who I am. To share what God is doing in my life. To share what it’s like for me as a husband, a dad, a youth pastor, and as a person living this life. There are going to be times in my life when everything is lined up perfectly. Another reason as to why I blog is because I hope that as you read the insights that I have found in my life that I can encourage you. (Pete Wilson has a great explanation as to why Pastor’s should blog. I love it. Here it is.) Recently, things haven’t been that great. Both of our cars went kaputz, and {we are actually still waiting on God to show us what to do with the van} we have had some dissapointments in the last several days, that have made it difficult to be cheery and positive. I was asked by someone who knows me pretty well today, and who also knows what is swirling around the Gowesky family, “how are you doing?” Do you know what I said? I said, “Good.” And I even had a bit of a cheery overtone in my voice. He replied, “don’t lie to me”. Why do I have to pretend to always be alright?

Right now, we are trying to figure out what to do with our vehicle. We are facing some tough realities, and guess what? I asked for it! You almost could say, I got what I asked for. I’ve been asking for wisdom, and for patience, and for integrity. Well, how did I think that God was going to give that to me? Teach me of course. Show me. Bring me through the things that mold me into the man that God has intended for me to be. These are the things… These are the moments that God has planned to use in my life as a coach uses after his player just got creamed on the last play. “Get up, get your head in the game. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, and learn from what just happened to you. Don’t let it happen again!”

Man is it tough. I’m not sure that this is what I would have asked for if I had known. It’s all good though. God will bring us through. As my friend so wisely told me today, “Keep doing what God has called you to do. Rely on Him. Look for Him to provide the answers. Enjoy every moment with your precious wife and kids.”

He is so right. I have the greatest wife a man could ever want. I have two amazing kids, and I am so blessed.

So, careful what you pray for. Because, you might just get it.


P.S. Answer these two questions! I am preaching in two weeks, and I wanted to get some feedback on these topics! Thanks!