Follow Friday

#followfridayOkay, let’s do a little community development.  Who are you guys listening to and being impacted by out there in the blogging world, twittersphere or in podcast-land?  Let’s do each other a favor and leave a comment about your favorite blog to be reading, person to follow, helpful/fun podcast you’re listening to, or book you are reading.

I’ll go first…

Here is a quick list of some of my favorites:

Blog:  This is Pete Wilson’s blog.  Pete is the lead pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville TN.  I love the way that this dude communicates, and writes.  I also love the way that he parents his kids and loves his wife.  Check out his blog.

Pete Wilson

Twitter: J.R. Briggs–  J.R. is a friend of mine, he’s a church planter, author, thinker, question-asker, and an all around godly dude.  He’s a Phillies phan, but I think you can get over that.  He asks some great questions that make you go: Hmm…  Follow him.

Church Planter

Podcast: Stuff You Should Know–  This is a fun little podcast.  These guys Chuck and Josh explain all kinds of things and how they work.  I particularly liked their podcast on cicada’s and my second favorite was their podcast on coffins.  Check it out.


Book: Hazardous: This is an awesome book on the cost of discipleship.  I have read it through once and now I want to go back and read it again!  It’s that good.  Read it.

Derek Cooper

Now, I want to hear your recommendations.  You don’t have to have answers to all four categories, or maybe you have one that I haven’t posted about yet.  Let’s hear them!



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