Wipers Are For Wimps!


It’s true.  I’m more of a Rain-x guy.  I prefer to have the water bead up and just move off the window.  Wipers make so much noise!  They never seem to be timed right,  and overall there is something wimpy about turning them on.  When Tiffany and I are driving together in the rain I can tell that it is time to turn on the wipers when she gets a little squirmy in her seat.  It is a bit of a game, see how long I can go without turning on the wipers.

I was on the phone with my mom yesterday and she told me that she used her wipers for the first time yesterday since May!  Take that…

Now, she lives in the Dallas, Texas area (Outside of the arms of Irene).  They are experiencing a really dry season right now, which is actually quite dangerous.  Fires are erupting and causing intense damage in their region.

The northeast region of the United States has received more rain in the last few weeks than has been on record for a long time.  The one thing that I notice about all of this rain is that it invades every space exposed to it.  In our region, the rain has been so abundant that our ground is saturated and cannot handle anymore rain.  The excess water is flowing right over the ground, not being able to penetrate it anymore, filling up our streams, creeks and rivers.  We are experiencing high levels of water and flooding like we don’t typically see.

While this can be a terribly devastating physical reality, in another sense it is a beautiful picture of the spiritual reality of a relationship with God.

What if there was no layer of our life that God’s power, conviction and grace didn’t invade?  What if the soil of our lives was saturated with the presence of God?  What if our lives were so saturated that there was no where for the power and presence of God to go in your life BUT to spill over into the lives of those around you?  What would the trickle down effects look like?

I want that.  I want that for myself, and I want that for you too.

Can you imagine having a relationship with God like this?  How do you think this would change our Churches and our cities?

Wipers are for wimps!  Embrace the rain, and ask God for more of it in your life!



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