Reflect Christ

Have you realized yet that you interact with hundreds and thousands of people a year?  Dependent upon your job, you may meet and greet several thousand people a year.  If you live in a neighborhood, or development.  If you live in what we have commonly called a town, city, or village…  likely you will run into people. And here’s the deal.  People are messy.  People are really dirty.  They have problems.  They have issues!  BOY DO THEY HAVE ISSUES!  Everyone has issues but me.  (Ever find yourself saying that?)  What do we do with all of these dirty, messy, smelly, people filled with issues when we run into them.  You know, the kind that barge into your life with all kinds of problems.  How do you and I handle these moments?  What is it that we will do?

We have started a new teaching series here with both of our groups, Junior High & Senior High.  We’re calling it “Reflect Christ”.  We are looking at how Christ showed compassion on the people He found surrounding Him.  There were thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of interactions that Jesus had with people.  The question of a good disciple should be, when I run into people how should I interact with them?  Better yet, how would my Rabbi, my discipler, my Lord, my teacher interact with this person?  How can I reflect the teacher?  How can I reflect Christ?  We are looking at three different examples of how Christ dealt with three different groups of people.  They are:

  1. The Person I don’t know
  2. The Person I know
  3. The Person I know the best

What do you think compassion really is?  How can we show compassion to those around us?  Whoever they may be…  No matter what category they fit into.  

I just can’t stop thinking about this question: “How are we going to deal with those we find ourselves surrounded with?”




One thought on “Reflect Christ

  1. I believe that the best example of compassion is delivering God’s love to people who on the outside do not appear to deserve it. I think that sometimes I am guilty of saying that others have more issues than I do. The hardest part for me is to watch people spit on the rights millions of American’s have sacrified for and then to be compassionate and loving towards those idividuals. It is a reminder to me how much I need God’s grace and mercy. Thanks for the thoughts.

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