Lets do this together

This morning I was driving in my car with Noah and Grace in tow behind me.   We were driving from the house to the church.  Today was going to be a special day!  We were going to play at the church for the morning.  We brought their bikes and we were going to play!  It was going to be fun.  We all willingly put our coats and shoes on, and we headed to the car with excitement on our faces.  ALL OF US!  So, we get in the car and something magical happened.  We were descending the hill on West Street passing by Doyle Elementary school and I noticed what was happening in the back seat behind me.  We were having a little school lesson.  

This is the conversation I heard.

Noah- “Grace.  Say tree.”

Grace- “Twee”

Noah- “Good job Grace.  Say car.”

Grace- “Kar”

Noah- “Good job Grace.  Say Baby Doughnut.”  {In our family munchkins are known lovingly as Baby doughnuts…}

Grace- “Bebe Dowgnuts”

All of a sudden it hit me…  Shouldn’t this be what the Christian life is all about?  Shouldn’t we be helping each other grow in our faith?  Shouldn’t we be there living life along side of each other helping our peers out when they are struggling? In this situation, there was no paid teacher, there was no professional.  Believe me, Noah has lightyears to go in his sentence structure and word pronunciation. However, for whatever reason, he saw a need in his sisters life.  He stepped up to the plate and was there to help Grace develop in her speech, and her abilities to communicate.  I was one proud dad.  

This is what we are trying to do at Youth Group.  We are purposefully leaving 10 minutes at the end of every evening for students to spend that time with each other, praying, talking, counseling, laughing, and crying.  This has everything to do with helping each other.  

I’m a pastor.  True statement.  However, I don’t want to be the only one leading students.  I want to see youth leaders leading students.  I want to see students leading students.  There will be much greater growth in church’s, youth groups, small groups, and sunday schools if we would work together and follow the example of a 3 year old.    What if… What if we practiced this?  

What do you think?  Can you be apart of this type of a movement?  Who do you think that you can be reaching out to?  Or, have you had anyone do this in your life?

What do you think?



One thought on “Lets do this together

  1. you are so right. The hard part for me sometimes as a leader is that we could play the part of “Noah” perfectly, however the part of the student sometimes doesnt want to participate in the lesson. However it is so worth the hard work to have them follow our lead. We are no better, just lived life and seen satan’s work longer.

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