A Disciple of what?

This morning at church we are talking about discipleship, and our Pastor, Chris Sutton, reminded us that Jesus wasn’t the only individual to have disciples.  He mentioned that John the baptist had disciples as well, and several other guys.  We were reminded that to be a disciple really means to be a learner, or someone that is continuing to learn a way, belief, or process. 

Well, this made me think.  And my good buddy James Chester who blogs at “wakeupsleeper.” wrote in one particular post about worshippers.  Check it out, it will make you think.  Well, after thinking about worshippers, and then thinking about what we were learning this morning I believe that every single person is a disciple.  I think that each one of us is a disciple of something, someone, or some idea.  We are striving and longing to be better at baseball, basketball, sudoku, arm wrestling, polka dancing, or whatever hobby you may have.  Some of us out there are disciples of the corporate ladder.  They are learning what to wear, what to say, and how to adjust our lifestyles in order that we may climb up the next rung on that ladder.  Some of us are disciples of MTV and mainstream media.  We are learning again what to wear, phrases to say that makes you apart of the club, lifestyle adjustments, and much more.  The illustrations are endless.  We could apply it to anything from ice fishing to Buddhism.

So the question is, what or who are you a disciple of?  Are you truly following hard after God, in order that you may become more like Jesus?  Or are we working harder at rising up the success ladder of life?  You know, getting the babe, the ring, the job, the cars, the house, the 2.45 kids, the beach house, the nanny, the secured offshore account, and whatever else that we as americans call success.

Maybe it’s time that we truly focus on learning more about Christ, and what He has done for us.  Maybe it’s time that we took our eyes off of what our culture is telling us to believe and place our focus on becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  You know, a learner and a follower.  



2 thoughts on “A Disciple of what?

  1. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said in his book Discipleship, “No one but Christ himself can call us to discipleship.” (my dad and I used to do a devotional with his writings) Only Jesus, not Dr. Phil or Bart Simpson or whoever.

    Keep up the good work on the blog, I’ve been reading it…

  2. Anthony told me to chech out your blogs and I decided to. It has been very encouraging. Its really difficult for me to not want to be like Steve Carell or Stephen Curry and this reminds me that I need to focus on being like one man, And that is JESUS CHRIST.
    Thankns a lot Peter for writing these, they will help me out a lot.

    Keep on truckin

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